David Taran, Board of Directors

David Taran pic

David Taran is a longtime member of the Project Happiness board, focused on providing strategic and long-term growth ideas for the organization.


Apart from his commitment to help the happiness movement grow, David Taran is the founder and Managing Director of Sunstar Capital, a real estate company focused on the acquisition of West Coast properties. David has spent decades working in the real estate industry, where he has assembled a diverse portfolio of properties throughout the U.S. In his previous role, he co-founded and was co-CEO of Divco West Properties. Prior to finding success in the real estate market, David worked as an attorney at Graham & James in Los Angeles. He’s published numerous articles on real estate and tax law.


A lifelong advocate of the power of an education, David Taran credits his studies as one of the defining moments of his young life. As a student, David pursued his DEC from McGill University. He went on to receive his JD from Columbia University in New York. David continues to support the overarching goal of Project Happiness: to inspire others to adopt positive strategies to better their lives. While happiness cannot be bought, it’s power can be adopted through patience and practice. David’s first hand knowledge of the organization’s profound effect on positive thinking continues to inspire his own education and life goals.


In recent years, David Taran, a long time meditator, has found a new passion in yoga, and has completed teacher trainings in Hatha, Kundalini, Buddhi and Universal yoga. One of the driving forces in David’s life is his commitment to balancing his personal and professional ventures. To David Taran, leading a successful life encompasses so much more than following an ambitious career trajectory. In order to cultivate a true and sustained passion for living, David continues to carve out time each day to focus on the everyday moment. David’s passion for finding joy amid life’s challenging obstacles uniquely qualifies him to serve as a seasoned board member for Project Happiness. Catch David on his personal blog where he discovers and shares even more ways to be happy.