Project Happiness Blogger Guidelines

Welcome to Project Happiness! We love to feature new blogs from you, our awesome community. This is a place to touch many with your thoughts, inspiration and voice. Here are some guidelines to help you get started: The whole reason for the site is to inspire and empower others to create greater happiness in their lives and in the world. We love stories of personal transformation (finding the gift within the challenge), and posts offering advice in areas such as: your path to happiness, vitality, awareness, building positive relationships, parenting, finding your purpose and feeling alive.



Looking for inspiration? Here are categories we regularly feature based on our 7 daily themes: 

habitsheader250THEME 1. Mindfulness, Focus, Mindset

THEME 2. Gratitude, Appreciation, Love

THEME 3. Body Wellness, Motivation, Self-care

THEME 4. Compassion, Giving Back, Altruism

THEME 5. Authenticity, Vulnerability, Forgiveness, Letting Go

THEME 6. Social Connection, Nature Connection, Empathy

THEME 7. Meaning, Purpose, Strengths, Soul

Creating a Compelling Post and other things you should know:

  • Length of post: Between 300 and 800 words is ideal. Up to 1000 words if needed.
  • Actionable tips: In addition to personal stories that share new insights, we are most likely to feature articles that have actionable tips related to the happiness habits in them. We also highly suggest putting the tips into a list form, such as “5 easy ways to practice gratitude daily.”
  • Share Your Voice: Especially for personal stories, express your ideas as you would to a good friend, including your struggles and inspirations along the way. If you have discovered a new perspective, we want to know.
  • Coming up with a title: Think of what would grab the reader and make her/him curious. Let them know about a problem you are solving, a way to improve their life, or something new that you have discovered.
  • Tips for Tips: If you are writing a post with tips/advice, include an introductory paragraph explaining how you connect to the topic (are you an expert or has life made you one?) and why you want to share this. Make your tips easy to understand and to put into action!
  • First Paragraph: Your first sentence should make the reader want to know more. A strong first paragraph gives a clear and engaging idea of what the post will talk about, or what the reader will learn.
  • Make your point: If a few words can get to the heart of what you’re conveying, then you don’t need more. One detailed example is also often better than a long list of them.
  • Make It Accessible: Use accessible language that even readers new to your topic can understand. Our editors will help modify content, title and pictures if needed.
  • Backing it Up: When you mention a statistic or a research study, (even “research states”) please add a link to that source. These sources can range from news outlets to academic journals etc. This allows readers to learn more if they want to get deeper into the topic. Please do not use hyperlinks, instead put all your links in brackets: [].

Why Contribute?

  1. Your words will reach and impact our fast growing global audience of over 2 million like-minded people!
  2. Promotion: We do not compensate contributors but we do help you increase your visibility. Each Project Happiness Guest Blogger will get an Author bio that includes opportunity to promote your Website, Programs, Facebook page, Twitter, Instgram, LinkedIn etc.
  3. Evergreen: Your work will live on our site as part of our library of inspiring articles.
  4. You own your submissions, but we can still use them. You own the copyright to your submitted content and you can post it anywhere else you wish.


We welcome each and every contributor and review each and every submission with utmost care. While we would love to answer each submission personally, because we are a small group, sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to respond to all submissions. If within 2 weeks, you do not see your post featured, or if you do not hear from us, then we have passed on that particular topic. On the other hand, when your post has been accepted, we will reach out to you within 2 weeks. Please only submit one post at a time: You’re welcome to submit again with a different post after you’ve waited 14 days. By submitting to Project Happiness you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Project Happiness editorial team. When you’re ready to submit, please fill out this form including:   

  • Your full post with a working title.
  • Any relevant images for your post. Please only send images that you own.
  • Your bio (up to 120 words) with link to your website and social media. Please don’t hyperlink, instead include your links in brackets like this ([].
  • A photo for your bio.
  • Any questions at all, please reach out to .


Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

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