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#MayYouBe Still! CHALLENGE DAY 30:Being still doesn’t not mean don’t move. It means, move in peace.”- E’yen A. Gardner

Stillness is our essential nature, but it is all too often forgotten amidst our constant “doing” these days. It is therefore essential that we consciously re-habituate ourselves to return to our stillness…Carve out time today for being still. Get to know the stillness intimately, so that you trust it is always there within you, below even the most turbulent of surfaces.

COMMIT TO ACT:  Learn the art of stillness! There are no prereqs for experiencing stillness. Nor is finding this kind of inner quiet exclusive to serious meditators or only those who call themselves ‘spiritual.’ Stillness is always available, 100% free of charge, and already wholly inside of you. It is just a matter of opening to it.

 Practice accessing the stillness within you today, so that you can retreat to this sanctuary anytime external conditions become stormy. “Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” – Hermann Hesse




Samantha Feinberg

Director of Programs and Outreach at Project Happiness
With a background in Psychology, Samantha has a mind for science and a heart for magic. She is passionate about bridging universal wisdom with today's research to share the art of thriving with those seeking it, and is grateful that her work at Project Happiness allows her to live this passion everyday.

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