The AWEgust Challenge starts today!


AWE: “An experience of such perceptual vastness you literally have to reconfigure your mental models of the world to assimilate it.” ~Jason Silva

Consider, when was the last time your were awe-struck? Transcendent moments of AWE change how we experience life and the world. Our‪#‎AWEgustChallenge‬ starts TODAT August 1st, and is meant to do just that! JOIN US for a month long challenge devoted to discovering what makes your heart open in awe through daily awe-ventures :)

You can SIGN UP here to get the daily awe challenge prompts directly in your email or TUNE IN to Project Happiness Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat(project_happy) where the prompts will also be distributed every morning for the entire month!

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1. GET INSPIRED: Every day in August, Project Happiness will publish an new awe-inspiring challenge prompt. TUNE IN every morning or SIGN UP here to get the challenge prompts in your inbox, like a daily vit-awe-min!
2. GO AWE-SEEKING DAILY: It’s as simple as taking a picture of something that amazes you that day! Follow the daily prompts or your own creative spark.

3. SHARE: Research shows that even looking at pictures of awe enhances one’s happiness – so spread the joy to others by sharing pictures of your daily awe experience! Post a pic or video of your awe-experience and TAG us for a chance to be a featured awe image on Project Happiness:


@projecthappiness_org on Instagram

or  @projecthappy on Twitter

4. REFLECT: The ability to be awed requires changing our mental models to incorporate new perspectives, so it’s important to reflect on your experience. Either copy/paste the day’s prompt or share your own reflections on your awe-venture in your photo caption!

5. REPEAT: Awe happens every day, we simply need to train ourselves to notice it. If you do this challenge every day for the month of August, soon all the world around you will be filled with wonder…

Have an awe-mazing month, folks!



Samantha Feinberg

Director of Programs and Outreach at Project Happiness
With a background in Psychology, Samantha has a mind for science and a heart for magic. She is passionate about bridging universal wisdom with today's research to share the art of thriving with those seeking it, and is grateful that her work at Project Happiness allows her to live this passion everyday.

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